Offer for the provision of e-utility data

The data will be scanned into a specially developed system (ErdaGIS e-Public Utility), taking into account the comments on how to fill in the data. Where we cannot automatically include the values of the data fields, we must be set individually. It is therefore very important that the data set to be scanned is correctly preparation of the data to be imported. If the customer is able to do this, we can help with our instructions and thus significantly reduce the cost of loading.

Publishing (WMS and WFS service provision) is carried out by Erda Ltd. on its own server. If there is a change in the data later, only the change will be edited in ErdaGIS. A changes can be provided by the service provider as a partial or complete file.

On the basis of the above, we provide access to e-map data for "e-map", the Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) technical requirements.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us using one of our contact details!