For local governments

For the development of a web-published spatial information system for the external and internal areas of the municipality we recommend our ErdaGISweb system. Small villages from 20 000 HUF/month, small towns from 40 000 HUF/month. HUF/month, with a two-year contract and no additional start-up costs.

Certain layers and functions can be protected by username and password. The system logs user traffic which can be queried. We ensure continuous web publishing "" and provide assistance by phone or email.

ErdaGISweb system services

Basemap: It is possible to load DAT data exchange, dwg, dxf, dgn formats to the base map. By pointing to any part of land, the message section will display the parcel number, character, address, area.

Zoning plan: The zoning and regulatory plans can also be loaded into the ErdaDIS web system as, so that building regulations can be queried. A printable version of the queried land parcel building regulations, overviews and detailed site plans can be displayed in a printable form.

Land book Available free of charge to local authorities, land register to the land parcels. In the system, any detail of the land register can be searched for system displays the results in a pop-up window and sub-displays them in the map window.

Population register: If the municipality has population register data, excel table containing the parcel numbers, they can also be loaded into the system. After that can be easily queried by name or even by a selected parcel of land. By name search by name, e.g. Tóth, the results are listed and displayed on the map. In the list, a selected person the system will click on the relevant parcel of land on the map.

Traffic signs: It is possible to install traffic signs, pavement markings and maintenance and maintenance data. The corresponding upload system is a proprietary development of our own Bentley platform.