Cemetery register

We undertake the production of complete mapped cemetery registers, with internet publication. From the books, from books, drawings, photographs, orthophotographs, subject to various authorizations, and alphanumeric internet presentation, we provide cemetery-related IT services. services for cemeteries. The completed cemetery is published on our ErdaGIS web system.

The data is uploaded to a prepared blank excel sheet. In special cases, e.g. Debrecen Jewish cemetery, the data can be uploaded and managed in Hebrew/Hungarian. The website checks and finalisation of the data, the change management can be continued in the original table, updating the web data from time to time, but with appropriate permissions, directly in the web database.

The content of the data sheets is flexible. Depending on the order of the query, you can print register book, board book, tomb book. If you are logged in with the appropriate authorisation, you can view the relatives and grave replacement data. Grave replacement can be planned because the expiry date The system monitors the expiry time. If the cemetery operator's digital billing system is capable of exporting data, which identifiers that allow the two systems to be linked, data can be migrated from there and synchronisation is possible.